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Compatible with Avalon Camry Celica Highlander Lexus Es300 Lexus Rx300 Rav4 Sienna Solara



Part Numbers2280006172 2810003070 2810003090 2810003100 2810074140 281007414084 2810074240 281007424084 2810074260 281007429084 94344462
Body ColorGOLD
Int ColorBROWN
Eng Size3.00
SKU MA062001006184


In Stock
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AVALON 95-04
CAMRY 96-01 4 cylinder, 1.4kw
CAMRY 96-01 6 cylinder
CELICA 94-97 5SFE engine (GT, 1.4kw)
CELICA 98-99 (5SFE engine, 1.4kw)
LEXUS ES300 95-01 (1.4kw)
LEXUS RX300 99-03
RAV4 04-05 (1.4kw)
RAV4 96-03 1.4kw
SIENNA 98-03
SOLARA 02-03 6 cylinder
SOLARA 99-01


Goyette Auto Parts (GAP) Standard Warranty- will protect the original purchaser for 6 months from the invoice date.

Labor Cost is not included unless expressly state on this invoice (see below)

OPTIONAL WARRANTY COVERAGE (OWC): not only does GOYETTE’S have the best part for the price but also the best optional warranty coverage.

SILVER WARRANTY- 1 year part only SILVER + WARRANTY- 1 year part and labor

GOLD WARRANTY- 3 years part only GOLD + WARRANTY- 3 years part and labor

PLATINUM WARRANTY- 5 years part only PLATINUM + WARRANTY- 5 years part + labor

Labor WARRANTY- 6 months part+ labor

The Purchase of OWC must be stated on the invoice.

Labor expense coverage is for those individuals who purchase applicable OWC. Reimbursement will be paid after the seller supplied replacement part has been installed and the faulty part has been returned. Labor Reimbursement will be paid at a rate of $65 per hour. All data repair time for professionally installed parts up to maximum $1000. Seals, fluids, gaskets, belts, etc. Are not included in this warranty.

-Warranty claims must be approved by (GAP) prior to initiation.

-GAP reserves the right to require inspection on return of part prior to refund or replacement.

-This warranty coverage terminated when (one) replacement part and, if applicable, a (one) labor coverage payment is issued by GAP.

Engine Warranty: Covers the cylinder block, head, pistons, crankshaft, camshaft and other internal components for the period shown on the invoice. Excludes from this warranty are external accessories including electrical, fuel, and air system component, manifolds, belts, hoses, and water pump. Changing the timing belt and rear main seal prior to installation is strongly recommended as they are not covered by the warranty.

Transmission Warranty: It is the responsibility of the installer to prior align torque converter, adjust position sensor cable, flush cooling lines, replace the radiator and or transmission cooler, and reset computer codes as needed. Changing the seals, pan gaskets, and filters is strongly recommended as they are not covered by warranty.

Accessory Items: Including rod ends, backing plates, ball joints, u-joints, and seals are not covered by this warranty and should be replaced as needed by installer.

Tires and Airbags: and other restraint system components are sold “as is”. These items are not tested or labeled to meet and safety standard. The purchaser of these items agrees to accept all the risk relating to their use.

This warranty is void if:  1. Failure is caused by improper installation, abuse, misuse, or modification. 2. The vehicle is used in fleet, taxi, or commercial vehicle. 3. The installed heat tabs are melted or removed. 4. The part is installed in a vehicle outside of the US. 5. The pre-installation procedures are not performed at the time of installations.

Core Deposits are not refundable after 30 days or if there is damage or missing components. Cores must be drained (if applicable) and completely assembled.

Returns Non-warranty returns must be returned undamaged and in the same condition as purchases within 30 days. Body section cuts are not returnable. Special order parts may be returned for replacement only.

All implied warranties, including of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose are limited to the duration of the warranty and do not cover incidental or consequential damages. GAP therefore shall not be responsible for the payment of damages arising from injury, loss of time, rental vehicles, profits, and towing charges. Any cause of action arising from this warranty must be commenced in court of competent jurisdiction in New Bedford, MA.